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How to Use This Site

If you're pregnant and do not feel you can care for your baby, or if you have a baby you cannot care for, you've come to the right place.

  • First, locate your state on the state finder map.
  • Second, read about the law in your state. It's important you pay attention to the locations in your state that will take babies.
  • Third, bring your unharmed baby to one of those locations.

It's safe.

It's anonymous.

It's an option you and your baby can live with.

Baby Safe Haven Program—a project of the National Safe Haven Alliance

In 1999 an overwhelming number of infant abandonments took place. Never before in a single year had so many mothers decided that they couldn't care for their children—and then disposed of their newborn infants in an unsafe and tragic way.

In response, a group of dedicated people worked together to create a law that would guarantee no mother ever had to secretly dispose of her newborn infant. This law would protect the mother and assure her that she would not be prosecuted for relinquishing her baby. So long as the baby was safe and given to a responsible adult at a designated location, the mother would be free to go anonymously.

Since its inception, over 2,000 babies are known to have been positively impacted by the Baby Safe Haven program.

With Safe Haven, no one ever has to abandon a child again.